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From FinTech to Wellness

Hi, my name is Lara and I founded Lara Wellness in 2020.

I spent some time working for a start-up InsurTech Company in the City. 

🙏 Yoga helped me stay grounded in stressful situations, so I began sharing Yoga sessions and Mental Health Workshops with my team, to see if they too would feel the benefits.

🙌 One of the biggest benefits was not that it relieved people’s back pain or tension headaches (it did that too!) but it made us feel closer as a team and more connected.

Fast forward 2 years and I am now a qualified Stress Coach and Yoga Teacher.

Lara Wellness is an online Community Platform that helps Companies improve engagement, retention and participation.

Employees have access to:

✅ Safe space that is separate from the business

✅ Open to all employees, anywhere in the world

✅ Real life Coach for motivation & support

✅ Rewards 

To me, community is a key business focus for any Company because  engaged and motivated employees is needed for business growth. 

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Hear What Others Have to Say


"Lara is great yoga teacher. Her classes are amazing, her energy is fantastic, and the classes are very calm and energetic in the same time. Highly recommended!"

Krisztina Juhasz