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Be an observer and not a thinker

Hi, my name is Lara and I provide Yoga classes and wellness workshops to Corporate and Private clients. I spent two years in the Finance Industry and noticed how difficult it was to balance my mental and physical health with my professional obligations.

I had been practicing Yoga for about 5 years and went on to share it with my colleagues as I noticed it improved my outlook, self-confidence and ability to handle stressful situations. 

Now I help companies bring more wellness into the workplace by offering Yoga and Meditation classes online and in person. 

To me Yoga is about finding peace, harmony and joy in everyday activities. 



Hear What Others Have to Say

People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see it as a personal practice which affects everyone differently. Read how my yoga practice has affected clients through their testimonials.

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"Lara is great yoga teacher. Her classes are amazing, her energy is fantastic, and the classes are very calm and energetic in the same time. Highly recommended!"

Krisztina Juhasz

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



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