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A BBC report reminded us that the fresh produce we pick off the shelf often travels thousands of miles before reaching our local supermarket, potentially leaving a large carbon footprint behind.

We have also seen how this vast and complex supply chain can get disrupted during pandemics, leaving reduced stock on our shelves.

In response to these issues some companies are beginning to change the way we grow fruit and vegetables by creating indoor vertical farms.

This takes pressure off the supply chain and reduces the amount of travel time between the farm and end customer. A restaurant in Berlin offers salad leaves grown just meters away from where their customers sit, essentially removing the supply chain altogether.

Vertical farms in France grow other fresh produce such as, strawberry's. More vertical farms are growing in cities around the world and investors believe that urbanites will be in favour of this kind of food so funding towards the concept continues to rise.

Please note that this is my personal interpretation of the source and you can find the original video owned by the BBC here

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