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A BBC report highlights the evolving role of Japanese pensioners as a number of citizens in the future are expected to reach 100 years old.

Pensioners are being offered part time jobs so that they can remain active members of the community. One full time role is split into different shifts and can be offered to a number of pensioners who would like to continue working.

The Japanese Government has developed the "second lives" scheme and it has received a lot of praise for reducing feelings of loneliness among the elderly and helping pensioners maintain community links during retirement.

The "second lives" scheme is not limited to jobs but also extends to housing. Living spaces for elderly clients have been redesigned to offer features specifically for the aging population, such as wheel-chair access and on-site doctors.

There has been pressure for Japan's Government to redesign the community to meet the needs of a highly-aged society. Japan has a "super-ageing population" where one third of the country is over 65 years old.

The Government's "second lives" scheme has been a good way to help people stay connected and inspired throughout their retirement.

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