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Meet Naomi, she is 7 months old and preparing for her important school visit where she teaches 9-10 year old's.

Every few weeks Naomi and her mum visits school children for play time and interaction. After spending time with Naomi the children realize that every body has their own vulnerabilities and insecurities and we are essentially all the same.

The children also learn how Naomi communicates through her facial expressions and tone of voice, which encourages children to communicate their own feelings and not bottle them up.

Mary Gordon is behind this idea and founded Roots of Empathy which brings babies and children together for valuable life lessons.

Mary Gordon wants children to be able to own their feelings and be able to talk about how they feel as this can improve people's mental health.

Studies show that children who partook in Roots of Empathy workshops had lower cases of aggression and bullying throughout the school year.

Please note that this is my personal interpretation of the source and you can find the original video owned by the BBC here

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