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A recent BBC documentary showed how Sweden was renovating their retire homes to tackle the growing problem of loneliness.

Loneliness is a big issue in Sweden that affects both young and old people. More than half of homes in Sweden have only one occupant and it is common for people to live alone after leaving school.

Fia represents many Swedish young professionals; she worked her usual 8 hours, came home, had dinner and watched TV or played games. However, she often felt lonely having lived by herself.

Gunnel would sometimes go days without speaking to anyone else and noted how detrimental this was to her mental health.

A block of flats in Helsingborg has tried to solve the problem of loneliness. Only people under 25 or pensioners could rent there and there was an interesting clause in the contract that meant occupants had to spend two hours a week together to encourage socializing.

The old retirement home had been completely renovated to encourage socializing and a sense of community. There are open plan kitchens and dining rooms where people can cook together or gyms where people can work out and even games rooms and arts and crafts rooms.

Managers hope to open more homes like this in the future as they have had good feedback from tenants who have built long lasting friendships and feel connected to people in a way which they once yearned for.

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