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Updated: May 15

The BBC posted an inspiring story in November 2019 of a man from Ecuador who grew his own rainforest, meet Omar Tello.

Omar was devastated to see a once thriving ecosystem disappear. With the trees gone, so were the insects and animals and it soon became a luxury to see animals in their wild habitat. Omar decided to buy some land and set about restoring it to save any endangered species and it took him nearly 40 years to restore the status quo.

He found seeds and cuttings from the Amazon basin and replanted them on his land. And soon enough the wildlife returned. Below, Omar excitingly shows us brightly colored bees gathering perfume.

Omar completely dedicated his time to this project and now teaches other farmers how to regrow forests on their land. Initiatives are in place to incentivise farmers to follow in Omar's footsteps.

Omar's role in conserving the forest continues to grow as he shares his invaluable knowledge with others.

Please note that this is my personal interpretation of the source and you can find the original video owned by the BBC here

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