Your Workplace Wellness App that makes you feel alive again without having to take a sabbatical! (With one to one support and in as little as 20 minutes a day).

On 20th July 7 founding members will start working closely with me to achieve harmony in their work life balance. 

If you are a full-time professional who is sick of feeling mentally and physically tense and are ready to take back control then this course is for you!

Would you LOVE to stop working on autopilot and drifting off during zoom meetings and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY putting your mental and physical health first again?

These 7 Founding Members will get:

✅ Access to the Alpha Mind 6-week Challenge so that they can start their yoga journey and build their stress management toolkit.

 The Challenge follows the simple Alpha Mind Method, which is a unique system to blend ‘lunch and learns’ with breath work, dynamic yoga, chair yoga, and meditation.  Simple daily tasks to follow and only 20 minutes of exercise per day on average. We will start slowly, and you will learn daily exercises and techniques to use to reduce mental and physical tension commonly associated with desk work. Beginners welcome.

(Message me to request course details)

As well as all this, you will get all the following bonuses:

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member!

Sign up to the Web App for Free below or download the Native app (Alpha Mind by LW) on Google or Apple Store


✅ Bonus #1

Weekly Coaching Calls to personalize your plan and guide and support you 

✅ Bonus #2

30 Extra sessions of Yoga and Meditation to maximize your benefits 

✅ Bonus #3

Daily Wellness Tracker for you to track your progress throughout the Challenge 

✅ Bonus #4

Free Nutrition Guide and Daily Recipe Plan to see results faster

✅ Bonus #5

Join the Alpha Mind Community to stay accountable and support others

✅ Bonus #6

Alpha Mind App to access all your tasks and classes anywhere, anytime

✅ Bonus #7

20% discount to any of my Wellness Retreats for the next 2 years


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